What I've Been Reading/Watching/Listening To

Here are some recent things I've been following and would recommend:

Pillar of Fire - The second part in a fascinating three-part series on the civil rights movement.
Tales of the City - Serialized fiction by Armistead Maupin in the 1970s on countercultural life in San Francisco.

The Unilateralist’s Curse: The Case for Principle of Conformity - A philosophy paper that hits on a surprising dilemma and argues for a conclusion most philosophers would not like.
The Resegregation of Jefferson County - A disheartening New York Times Magazine feature on the state of the South.
We need to nationalise Google, Facebook and Amazon. Here’s why - The title speaks for itself, but I think this is a topic that has had surprisingly little discussion relative to its importance.
How bosses are (literally) like dictators - A Vox piece on workplace democracy, or the lack thereof. Another rarely discussed issue with real importance.

Hacksaw Ridge - Mel Gibson's recent movie follows a Christian pacifist in World War II.
The Big Sick - A charming comedy about an Indian American, his white girlfriend, his immigrant family, and their trials.
In & Out - An uplifting comedy that gets at surprisingly deep truths about coming out of the closet.

Kieran Grieg interviewed by Michael Dello-Iacovo - Animal Charity Evaluators and tough questions in that space.
Dr Dario Amodei On OpenAI And How AI Will Change The World For Good And Ill - This one speaks for itself.


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