What I've Been Reading/Watching/Listening To

Here are some recent things I've been following and would recommend:

1984 – It had been a while since I read this. In light of my experiences last year–the personal and the political–I dusted this off, and I am newly impressed by Orwell's world.
Infinite Jest – Apparently one of the best novels of the 21st century, this book has been enjoyable to read so far (I'm about half-way through). It's the first book I've read in a while that's an intellectual puzzle with obscure references and a counter-intuitive structure that one has to piece together.
Superforecasting – Social scientist Philip Tetlock discusses his forecasting tournaments, which set out to figure out how to predict the future–and do just that. It's both fascinating and important.

Call Me By Your Name – I loved this movie. From the music to the photography to the actors' playful banter, it's a beauty to behold.
Star Wars: The Last Jedi – You've all seen this by now so why say anything more? This is very, very different from other Star Wars movies and a heady one to work through. Every few minutes there's a plot twist, and the plot lacks the nice linear trajectory most of them do.
The Shape of Water – Lots of this movie is very weird, but on the whole I was surprised by how old-school Hollywood this ended up being. I realized during the finale that the movie was basically a Creature from the Black Lagoon/Beauty and the Beast fusion more than an art pic, and that helped me understand it better.

Wormwood – Errol Morris is brilliant at making murder cases into events of world-historic proportions and crafting gripping thrillers out of real life.
Black Mirror – The latest season's opener is an alternatively fun and twisted adventure story. Its brilliance makes me grateful that our generation gets a Twilight Zone.

The Marvelous Miss Maisel – A comedy-drama about a Jewish housewife in the 1950s who becomes a profane comedian after her husband leaves her. It's a perfectly-shot period piece with a glorious story of a woman rising above her time.


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